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Sunday, January 28, 2007



Looks great!


that's great. i would be worried for all the same reasons! it's really pretty.


I am loving your blocks - the simple shapes really show off the fun fabrics.


I really love how the black contrasts so well with the other colors/patterns. It looks wonderful!


Now now, tell those seasoned quilters that we all started somewhere!


I've liked them all so far, but this one is my favorite.


The square looks great! I have liked all the squares you have shown lately! =)


I am a long-time quilter and work in a quilt shop. Let me tell you what we did to improve our rulers. We, of course, use really good ones but even they can use a lttle help. Go to a woodworking store and get a handle for pushing wood through a plainner. It is a plastic deal that we adhere to the top of the ruler with carpet tape. Then on the other side, adhere pieces of sandpaper. That goes a long way toward stopping the sliding that can be the bane of rotary cutter quilter's existence.

If you are ever in eastern TN come to The Cherry Pit! It is a fantastic shop and last year was featured in Better Homes and Gardens mag as one of America's best quilt shops. Ask for Cindy (that's me!).

We've also got Dollywood, the DeerFarm, Ripley's Aquarium, and , of course, the Smokies. Something for everyone!

Hope the advice helps with the ruler.

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