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Thursday, January 04, 2007



Mmmmm, the Wii! Our friends got one for Xmas (they got up at 4am to wait in line!), and brought it over to our house over the holidays . . . now I NEED one! I can only imagine how fun Zelda is. That game with the goofy-looking rabbits is fun, too.


I really recommend Rayman's Raving Rabbids. Both TheBoy and I have been having a huge amount of fun with it.


You have to pick up Rayman Raving Rabbids. Even if you just watch someone play it is fun!!

If you wanna share Wii codes, send me an email with yours and I will do the same!!

Mama Urchin

Eeek! I'm jealous.


I got a pink DS too! It's nice to know that there are other grown ups out there with pink DS' ;)

I got Elite Beat Agents & Nintendogs and Brain Age. And I signed up for Gamefly and just got Final Fantasy III and Castlevania Dawn of Sorrows in the mail this week!


I'm still waiting for my wii - I so want one! Now for that DS, that was my daughters wish for Christmas, and they were out everywhere! I ended up getting her a gift card for Target with enough on it to pick one up once they get them in again - let's just say she's still waiting. I'm not showing her this :-)


I am addicted to DS. It is seriously cutting into my knitting time.

Lizzy B

Yay! Another Geek Girl! I've been playing my Xbox 360 like a woman possessed lately trying to finish a game. :)


I wouldn't exactly call the DS Lite elusive. Game Stop had plenty in stock, the very first time I ever looked for it. In terms of rarity, the DS Lite was a Chicago pigeon, while the Wii was Bigfoot -- countless rumors, few confirmed sightings.


LOL, I have been wondering what happened to you, the Monkey also got a DS for Christmas, she got a Nintendogs game and now she walks around the house talking to her DS. "Sit, Jerry, good boy Jerry, Jerry, Jerry? Lay down Jerry, good boy!" LOL
Anyway, it's fun, you should pick up a Nintendog, its cute.


The Wii looks fun, but we already have PS2 with the Eye Toy, so that will have to do. My 13 year old didn't even tell me that she wanted the DS until Dec. 23rd, and I called around for it, not wanting to even deal with a store that weekend. No go. But I went online to Amazon and it was delivered on Tuesday. She was thrilled. So far we only have Brain Age and Big Brain Academy so we're looking for some other games. Geekiness is ok!


Have you had a chance to come up for air yet? Hope you're having a good time with that new toy!


I love Zelda! My kids love their DSs, too. They're big Sims fans. I searched for the elusive pink one and they are nowhere to be found in the Denver area - lucky you! Thanks so much for the heads up about my ring code. After my website provider crashed my site, I lost everything. Your emails went to the junk folder but I actually look once a month or so ;-) . It took a while, but it should be working now. If you have any more trouble, please let me know - thanks again!


I love my DS. I stay up every night playing Tetris.


I too am a video game junkie on occasion - we got our Wii today - what an amazing goodie! Can't wait to get Monkey Ball!! I covet my beautiful pearl blue Game boy too:)

Nancy Young

Are all the felted bags in the Booga Bag Gallery made from the same pattern, just with different color combinations?


I shouldn't have put this question on this comment site. It was my 1st time. Sorry! I'll have to find the right place.

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