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Monday, February 12, 2007



I wish I could send it all your way .. but your way is sort of my way, and I don't want the snow.
We are trying to move here! Try being the operative word because really, we are not dumb enough to move furniture in a trailor in the weather they are predicting for tomorrow. But I want to be in my new house! And I want the weather to cooperate with me! LOL!


Julie, what's your source for Quilts Japan? Everyone seems to carry Tsushin, but I have a hard time mailordering QJ.


Why oh why can't we get any snow here (Richmond VA)?!? The kids and I have been anxiously waiting for snow and all we've gotten is a little tease - it's like we were in a snowglobe ::shooka-shooka-shooka:: but it never stuck to the ground.


We're supposed to get 12-18 inches tomorrow and I'm hoping for a total shutdown of everything. Unfortunately, that rarely happens in Vermont; people just dig out and keep going. Especially now that we only live a mile from town, being snowed in is almost an impossibility. But I can pretend!

If the mailman delivered my first issue of Spin-Off and we got over a foot of snow, I think I'd be in heaven!


OOOooo I'm jealous!


We just got dumped on here today. I am interested to see how the trip home will be, I am used to driving in crappy weather, it's just these native southern PA drivers that scare me.

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