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Friday, February 02, 2007



oooh man!! heheheh Love it!
how about some Beowolf?
hehehhe were you an English major! I have this baby memorized!


Love it! I had to memorize that section my Sr. year in High School. You just brought the whole thing back to me.


Excellent! I'd only read translations, and never heard the original aloud. Thank you (and, um, yeah- I was a Bio major). :)


I had to memorize and recite that for my AP English class in high school. I still remember chanting it under my breath all day long, and recording myself to make sure I wasn't screwing up.

Quantum Tea

That brings back memories of Sixth Form English classes back in England, we had to study the Prologue in the original Middle English, no translations allowed. :-)


I am a high school English teacher and this week we're working on "The Prologue." I'll have to play this for my classes.


That's very cool, I've never heard it aloud. Much different than I thought it would sound! Thanks for sharing!


! eeeee. I love middle English. I've never actively studied it and I'm not an English major, but it's always made sense to me. I may be weird though.

Did you know Chaucer has a blog? http://houseoffame.blogspot.com/


Ooh - I love the Canterbury Tales. I even bought a children's version during college so that I could read it to my children someday.

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