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Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Crafting Jen

The good news is, henna comes in many different colors, and they're all natural. So you don't have to fear the orange - you just have to select the best shade for your hair.

I'm a brown-haired woman who was born a tow-haired blonde, but got darker as I got older. Every now and then, I get the urge to change my brownish non-color, and I buy some henna. I usually go for a nice, bright red, which works well for me. But there are many other colors, from warm mahogany on through.

The brand I use is Rainbow Research Henna. It's easy - mix with warm water, work through your hair, wrap it up and sit for 45 minutes, then wash it out. You can find more about them here: Rainbow Research Henna

Hope this helps!

Crafting Jen

*sigh* Guess links don't work too well in here. Here's the URL for the Rainbow Research Henna:



Like Jen said, there are many colors. I dyed my dark blond hair with henna a few years ago, to a red color. It lasted for quite awhile, and faded rather than grew out. Unfortunately, I don't remember what brand I used - just something I grabbed at the beauty store.


While the last time I used henna was a long time ago, I have heard good things about hennaforhair.com.


seconding the rainbow research i usually take my dark brown hair to a bright red with great result... Good Luck ;)


This interests me a lot. When you decide what you are going to use can you blog about it? I was gray in my 20's and at 45 I'm about 75% gray. I gave up coloring my hair and have just lived with it but boy it makes me look old.


All I really have to add is that rinsing it out can be a pain, so be prepared for that! It's wonderful stuff, and if you remember to add the lemon or tea-tree oil it smells heavenly too.


Do a strand test! Just in case the henna reacts badly with your chemical dye [probably not but it can happen]. Also, from what I understand you can't dye over henna with commercial dyes. So, if you hate it, you hate it [another reason for the strand test!]

Squeaky Wheel

As the last commenter pointed out, there can be some funky reactions with henna and commercial hair color so I would definitely do a color strand test.



I use Lush's henna hair products-- they smell great, and have different shades (brown, black, red-brown, red). They require a little DIY power (they come in a solid block & you need to grate them & add hot water), but it's not really any more fiddly than your standard chemical dye after that point.


The folks at Lush have lots of information on their website. They have great stuff but haven't tried the henna.


Here's some discussion on Henna:

And, apparently there's a forum called HennaForHair.com . . .


everyone's already chimed in with their info, and it's all good. :)

I just wanted to echo the Lush recommendation -- last time I dyed my (medium brown in summer, dark brown in winter) hair with their caca marron henna and added olive oil, wine, cinnamon, and a few other things to it and it turned out great (mostly brown with just a bit of red underneath - they have another henna that is pure brown - caca brun). It _was_ messy, but it left my hair feeling soft and silky.

That was the first time I had used henna and I read the lush boards that Kristin mentioned -- lots of good advice and the like there.

[Unfortunately I just noticed that the online shop is out of stock on henna! Boo. I need to order more for the spring/summer.]


Most importantly, we want pics of the finished products. I did my hair w/ henna a few times and really liked how it looked, very shinney and multi-faceted, not flat like some of the chemical dyes.


I have had great color using Lush's caca rouge, it is really easy to use and works great for me. :)


I use Lush's caca rouge and it works great. I normally have light-med brown hair and this stuff makes it a pretty bright auburn.

There are tons of ways to adjust your color, like not covering your head with plastic leads to a browner tone. So it's super important to do a test first.



I use Light Mountain henna, in "red" or "bright red". I have brown hair so I can't advise about coloring grey. But I can recommend henna for the body and glow it gives as well as colour.

This is me, my hair (and my hub): http://www.sharemation.com/%7Emilele/public/images/wedding/kiss.jpg


Henna will build up in your hair over time. I was coloring my whole head every time and after a while the ends were noticeably darker than the roots. You cannot use chemical dyes over henna, so I had to wait for it to grow out and get cut off.

If you can have a friend help you color just the roots, you will be happier I think.

jen c

hi - i just found your blog from the Keyboard Biologist and want to say that i love your cross-stitch! i've recently realised that it's something i'd love to delve into. i love the look and i think i would love the process too.

also - the henna conversation got me wondering if that was something i would consider (i'm only a wee bit gray, but right on top and i'm short-ish so....). i was looking at the lush site and noticed this in the instructions:
"STEP 3) Henna has a stunning effect on hair sprinkled with grey; the grey bits will sparkle bright red amongst the darker hairs. If you've over 40% grey prepare for a very vibrant result and always include some grey hair in your strand test." it would make me wonder how "vibrant" they are talking about! i guess a strand test would take care of that though. (i just noticed there is a typo in there - they should probably proof their web site...whoops!)

let us know what you use and how it goes!


Before you use any of the "colored" hennas, be sure to go to http://www.hennaforhair.com/freebooks/ and download the henna for hair book! Those colored hennas can have lead and other toxic metals in them to change the color. They're not listed because the henna is manufactured in countries that don't have any controls of toxic ingredients.

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