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Monday, March 05, 2007



I can definitively state that I read this book (well, finished it) on 1/31/05. Having my reading list on the computer is so handy! And yes, it was amazingly good--I was glad I'd been convinced to read it, since it's not my usual kind of book. Just, so, so worth it!

sarah b.

I loved this book...I didn't think I was going to like it as much as I did but everyone was telling me that it was great. It didn't disappoint!


Yes, it's an excellent book! I recommend it to everyone.

I'm glad Stitch Cast is back!!


For some reason I fought reading this book. And then I ended up listening to it on CD. Wow. It's read by the author which I found to be a treat. There were many days I had trouble leaving the car and ended up bringing the CD's into the house to listen as I was knitting. Even after reading it you may want to hear it, for the accent and pronunciations.


I loved The Kite Runner. It was a delightful story. I listened to it, and I got extra housework done because I needed an excuse to keep listening.

Squeaky Wheel

I keep looking at this book and passing it over. I guess I have to move it back to the top of the list. Thanks for the recommendation.


I read it a couple of years ago on the plane. I cried the entire time I was reading it (partly because I was exhausted from being stuck in the airport for 8 hours). I LOVED it. It was so sad, and yet, I couldn't put it down.


For once I have read a book before my sister (I could have lent it to you!!!)

I agree. I loved it too!


I know I'm in the minority, but I couldn't take the book. I read about 100 pages and it was just so sad and depressing that I couldn't read anymore. Sigh.


I've read this book. It IS good.


Did you cry as much as I did when you read it?


I think a friend of mine recommended that book. Thanks for the reminder...I will check it out!

Rosemary C

Loved this book! Like someone else who posted, I read the book and then got the CD so my husband could hear it. It is wonderful to listen to the author. He is from our area (Northern California) and recently spoke at Santa Clara University. He has a new book coming out soon.


OK, I'm gonna have to check this one out at the library. How's the hubby's job search going?


I've heard other talk highly of that book too.

janet d

read this last year -- it really got to my heart. I live in Berkeley, CA and was up at the marina early, early one morning to find a film crew there. Guess what they're filming? yessiree
same director as finding neverland, so it may be good. no hollywood stars either.


I just found this book at my Supermarket's used book sale! Whoo hoo! A dollar well spent!

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