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Monday, April 23, 2007



How lovely! I'm sure your sister and her baby will love it. Isn't it great how even a simple pattern can have so much visual interest when you get to play with color!

Chuckle.. and you could create some fabric X's and O's and when the baby gets old enough he can play tic-tac-toe in large format!


What a great gift. I love that fabric and the simple squares, very nice.


What a pretty quilt! I love the lime green binding.


The quilt is lovely! I love the non-traditional colors.


What a beautiful quilt and a great gift. My sister's baby shower was this weekend as well! I knit the little one a Dale sweater. It seems like it might just be time for me to get back to quilting!


OMGosh, that's too cute! Beautiful work.


Very cute!


Just gorgeous! I want to make a little quilt but no one I know is having babies and it would just be so wrong to make it for my puppy. Maybe I will jump on the doll quilt bandwagon.

p.s. I talked my sister - the master quilter - into making the quilt that we were so in love with on the material obsession website. she loves me and I am so lucky!


I'm working on my first quilt. I probably will never show or discuss mine either. I LOVE the quilt. Your sister is very lucky!


What a great quilt! I love the colors and everything =)


Wow! That is totally awesome! I *love* it. :)


Fantastic colors! (These would not be permitted by my local quilt store lady, as she has disparaging comments to make if all the colors aren't perfectly super-coordinated in gentle shades, no red allowed. They're terrific!) I haven't quilted in a long time. I used to make hand-quilted (!) baby quilts for every niece or nephew, but then my relatives started breeding like rabbits and I fell behind.

I love the look of a hand-stitched binding and even though it's time consuming, it is a great finishing touch.

You have outdone yourself!


Beautiful quilt. The colors you chose are fantastic.

Love the masking tape tip. So, do you sew besides the masking tape or on top of it and then rip it off? I am a beginner, so please forgive the lame question.


gorgeous quilt - love the colors! congratulations on a beautiful finished product! I'm sure they loved the gift...


Great job on the quilt - and I love the atypical colours (not too many pastels!)


Very nice job!


You couldn't post it before the shower, since you know I read your blog. The quilt looks so cute in the babies room! I love it. You will have to post a picture of him with the quilt when he is born!!!

Amanda (and baby TJQ!)


What a great quilt. I love the colors! :)


I love those quilts, so beautiful! My mom has been really into making baby quilts for all our relatives lately and they're so much fun. Quick, bright colors, bam!

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