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Tuesday, April 17, 2007



I think it looks great! I can see the variations in color which makes it look natural. I'm glad you had a good first experience. When my mother used to frost her hair she would first wrap her head in plastic and then wrap it in foil to hold her body heat in to keep it warm. That may be easier than the blow dryer.


It looks fabulous. Very natural looking.


So did it cover well where there is regrowth and where the dye was? I am thinking about henna, but wasn't sure about the previous dye and the regrowth line blending well.


Very nice results! And love that it didn't leave your hair stripped and damaged.


Wow, Julie, it came out great! And I know what you mean about the conditioning effect! I'm doing my mum's henna sometime this week, so thanks for the tip about the oil - I'll give that a go.


Looks fantastic! Love the color.


Looks good! Congratulations.


It looks *great*! :)


Looks great! I am thinking I will use a clear "henna" (I don't think there is truly such a thing) when I get sick of using semi-permanent dyes because I'm starting to think that the cuticle-sealing softness of the Level 3 dyes is what I like better than the gray coverage. And I think henna has that same property, but probably is safer.

Keep us posted on the growing out.


It looks great and definitely much nicer than all the chemical dyes =)

I dyed my hair black with pure black henna once, came out real nice and I know the conditioned feeling too =)


Wow it looks great! I just bought a henna kit but to use on skin vs. hair. I've done it before and hope my kids enjoy it.


It looks great! Henna is great for giving your hair a 'not-dyed' look. Completely worth the time and mess!

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