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Friday, April 13, 2007



Excellent! I thought of doing this but I wasn't in the kitchen when they finished dyeing eggs and Dale was already dumping the dyes before I could stop him. Figures that he gets all domestic and cleans up when I didn't want him to do it!


I love the way the bright lime green turned out!

Coincidentally, purple cake frosting dye also reacts the same way as your purple egg dye. The colors separate out quite easily. While it's hard to get consistent results, the swirled affect is lovely. I dyed some Optim lace weight I spun a while ago with the purple cake frosting dye and consider it the most successful dye job I ever did see.


The bright green and orange are my favorites! What a brilliant idea!! You've given me a plan for next Easter ... :)


Pretty! I think we have some egg dye stashed away in a cabinet somewhere...I'll have to pull it down and play with it.

old school acres

Oh! It looks like cotton candy.

I am going to try this with one of the wool blankets I want to dye. I will cut it down into smaller pieces. How fun!!


I love it! You know, we died eggs with PaaS and I was thinking the same thing...unfortunately no wool at had to dye.


Hey, I did that, too. The last couple of Saturdays I've been...(cough, cough) practicing. ;-) Did some yarn the first week, then roving last weekend. They turned out fabulous. And yes - my purples did the same thing - something about the vinegar takes up blues and reds at different rates. Still, a cool effect, no?



Such pretty colors!


Very cool...and now that easter is over everyone should be able to find dye really cheap now!


I am pretty sure that the reason the purple separated is that the red dye strikes at a lower temperature than the blue, which is why you get so much separation and variation. I am trying to remember where I read that, I know it originally came from a link via crafster.org


I can't find the specific link, but I think I misspoke and rather than the temperature, it's the pH that causes the separation. Apparently red #3 dyes with less acid than most other food dyes.


Super pretty colors! I can't wait to see the yarn spun up.
I did the same thing but I used sock yarn, I'm always pleased with the results from egg dye!


I didn't dye eggs, but bought some
dye at 1/2 off for yarn.




Very pretty - I'm interested to see what it looks like spun up.

Mama Urchin

I've actually been eyeing the leftover dye at the grocery store to do exactly this.


OOOH! I haven't dyed anything in *ages.* I still have all of my wilton stuff, and some kool aid, and some naked white yarn.

*looks at huge pile from today's estate sale*

Decides to dye another day!

Awesome pictures. :)


What *great* colors! Thanks for the tutorial! :)


That is Seriously Beautiful! I like the blue pink one..and that bright green is great! I wish I knew how to spin so I could try that!!

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