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Monday, April 16, 2007



I've used henna from Lush and it's super messy. They give you a couple bricks of what looks like dirt and you have to mix it with boiling water and make a paste- they never give you a really accurate description of what consistency of paste- and then you rub it into your hair. My friend and I do it and she refers to it as putting poo in your hair, because that's what it looks like. Seriously. Messy.


What I do for rinsing it out is usually just stand under the shower stream for a while till it's all pretty loose and then just start acting like you're washing your hair. It takes a while, but it does all come out.


I hope the henna goes well. I used it once and only once and got lots of split ends for my trouble, but I have a friend who uses it regularly without any problems. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!


So??? Huh, huh? How'd it come out???


I hope it worked out well! I love using henna on my hair, though it's been ages since I've actually had the time to do it. You might look for a place that sells it in bulk - Present Moment (presentmoment.com) is where I usually buy mine and I've had great luck with them. They're lovely people, as well.

It can be messy, absolutely. It takes a couple shampoos to get it out, maybe three, but once it's out your hair is going to be so shiny and soft and pretty!


I used to henna my hair all the time! After awhile, you get more used to the mess and work out a system. :) So...how'd it turn out?


I have a jar of henna that's been in my cupboard for two years. I am afraid to try it. (Is it the kind of thing that you have to keep using once you start, or can you go right back to coloring your hair with vile chemicals, like I do now?)

How did it turn out?????


I can't wait to see the results and hear all the details!!


How did it go? Did you get the itchy scalp?

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