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Friday, May 04, 2007



I've already decided to take numerous Fridays off with the new job, so we can maintain the new tradition to some degree. And in case anyone cares, I've immortalized my garage sale prize here:



I love the fabric. I am a sucker for purple/green combos, and I'm also a sucker for aprons. We never get cool yard sales like that around here!


Wow...looks like you had some fun ;o)


Wow! Fun haul! I always say I am going to hit up the yard sales and thrift shops for goodies, but I never get around to it.


Good for you Pete, taking the day off on Fridays. What a cool thing for the two of you to do as a couple.


such a sad story about that gorgeous enamel box...well, at least now it has a good story :) you really scored in the textiles department!!

can't wait to see your finished sampler...you must be getting close, right?


What great bargains - good buys.


The aprons are FANTASTIC!


Don't you love a good garage sale? The enamel pan is really cute, and I LOVE the aprons. Have you read the Apron Book?

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