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Monday, May 21, 2007



Wow, it's beautiful Julie! Good find.


I have one of those cabinets from my mom and the one that you got is in very good condition. Congrats in the purchase!

amy k.

crap! it's amazing! I gasped when I saw the photo.


Congrats on the find. I miss the Sandwich Antiques Market *so* much. There is nothing even vaguely like it near Seattle.


That is so awesome! It reminds me of a big basket, except it's on legs.


Oh, my gosh! I have something like that I inherited from my Grandmother. She always used it to store her knitting needles and now I do, too - here it is: http://www.knittinhoney.blog-city.com/my_grandmothers_knitting_stand.htm

I'll have to look to see if it's the same brand - it doesn't appear like it, to me - but yours is only the second one of like construction I've ever seen!


I couldn't tell you a blessed thing about the style, but I was given one of these by my Mom (and think it may still be in her storage somewhere...)


It's beautiful!!


Love it! I finally got my mom to give me hers like this - it's too big for her anymore, and I love it. Mine doesn't have a sticker or anything on it, but I know it was my grandmother's before it was my moms, so that puts it around the 1940s/1950s. Enjoy yours!


Gorgeous. I can so see that in your house!


Strømmen is a place in Norway - close to the town Hamar. "Bruk" can be translated into "mill". The only useful information I can find on this business (except some information about design awards they got in the 70's) is a link to this guy
He has Strømmen Bruk on his resume, so maybe you can get in contact with him to get some more information on your sewing cabinet?


Wow what a treasure!!! it's really pretty. Glad you got a good deal and it was something you really wanted. I love 'finds' like that!


I know I have a green one with no legs thats is very rickety and I love it too !!!


Wow, that's really cool! My mom has something similar, though with short legs and a different handle. I loved looking through it as a kid.

I hope you get lots of enjoyment out of your new sewing cabinet!

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