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Tuesday, May 22, 2007



Gorgeous peonies! Mine are not open yet but they are getting there. My sister - the master gardener - tells me that the ants and the peonies have a relationship and that the ants actually help the blooms open. Doesn't make me dislike the ants any less.


Julie, the peonies are just beautiful! They are my favorite garden flower. Unless you count roses. Or lily of the valley. Or Japanese Iris....or....


Pretty peonies. Mine are still tightly in the bud. I have heard that the ants are the pollinators, so if you don't have the ants, you don't get the flowers.... (When? For the next year? I don't understand, but that's what I heard!)


I love the peonies! I always thought that the ants helped the buds open into flowers, but who knows. I thought about cutting some and bringing them into the house but we already have some ants in here - I don't want more!

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