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Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Sheepish Annie

Amen, sister! I put off going to the dentist and ended up with one root canal where the painkillers didn't take, a boatload of vicodin, one crown, a dislocated jaw from the crown placement and ten, count 'em, ten fillings. Worst three months of my life. I'm with you on this one: don't put off going to the dentist!!!


Great advice!
As a dental hygienist, I commend you for going in after a brief hiatus.
Here's to good oral health!!


My 4 year old daughter loves going to the dentist, since her favourite aunt is the hygienist. Now she expects to go for a cleaning each year on her birthday!


Blah. I hate the dentist, w/ a passion. I also don't have dental insurance or the money to go. But kudos to you for going.


Oh no! That sounds awful. I need to start pestering my husband to go again.

I waited 3+ years between dental check-ups last time. The dentist gave me a stern talking-to, then told me that my teeth were, remarkably, in great shape. I give credit to the Sonic toothbrush!


Another echo for going regularly, boyfriend has been today to have a tooth extracted and still has 4 fillings to get done! I'm proud of him though as he is petrified of the dentist!


I go every six months like clockwork even though I've not got dental insurance. I cleverly picked a dentist in the heart of Union Square in San Francisco and after a cleaning will shop til I drop. Clever, no?


Thanks for the PSA. It sounds like you're spending a lot of tedious time in the dentist's office. Meh.


I hear you. I lived in London for seven years without a dentist and then paid the big price when I moved to Vancouver. My dentist did a beautiful job on all my cavities...

Madame Purl

I go every 6 months without fail. When I was a kid it was every 3-4 months. I would like to get back to that schedule.

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