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Saturday, July 21, 2007



Then you probably shouldn't read too many blogs before you finish it! I happened across a knitting blog the other day and she just blurted it out, totally unexpectedly. I don't even think she was talking about HP before she said it - there was no way for me to avoid it. I was blindsided!


Sigh. I'm waiting for my UPS man also. I have, though, gotten lots of things done and cooked in anticipation!
You MUST read Book 6!! Get to it!


Well it won't be me ;-)

i don't have the book and will probably ask around next week to borrow it from someone and then there's trying to find time to read....

It's the one thing I really had to give up when I had kids. When I read I become so absorbed in what I'm reading someone could sit right next to me and I wouldn't notice, I don't even notice time when I'm reading. I miss it ;-)

I think I'll have to hire a sitter to read the darn thing.


hehehehe - I won't be a Spoiler - but as I am NOT an HP fan, when my husband arrived home tonight I grabbed the book and read the end. Just so I could feel smug about knowing what happened ;0)


I hope nobody spoils it for you--I thought the ending was just . . . right. Appropriate. Perfect. Exactly what had to happen. Which isn't telling you anything other than that JKR can make whatever she needs to happen, happen!


aha! I cant spoil it for you! I haven't gotten to read any of them.. well not beyond the first chapters anyway!
Oh well I really want to listen to them!! really!!


Me too, I won't be reading it for a while either, I'm on the list at the library.


It was her best book yet!

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