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Wednesday, July 25, 2007



Barbasol. The really cheap shaving cream? Is the best stuff in the world for burns. My sister-in-law is a P.A., and she tells us that's what they use in the hospital. I've tried it (I'm extremely burn-prone and cannot cook anything with burning my hand somewhere) and it works like a charm. Barbasol - it's the stuff!


Ouch! Well, I hope it feels better soon! At least it didn't blister or anything.

The garage sale finds look great. What awesome stuff you found...i love those ice cream glasses and bowls, I'm sure they'll get a lot of use by the time summer is out.


Ouch indeed! Feel better...


That happens to my iron all the time, and is a constant source of discontent with my husband and I! I have often suggested we just get a new iron for our clothes, and somehow, the battle continues! Great scores...I have been searching for wooden bobbins, myself, after seeing the awesome little message project made with them in Sommerset Life.


Sorry to hear about your thumb sweety. Great haul though.


"Man, I feel stupid."

Welcome to my world, sweetheart.


Who has a garage sale on a Friday? I've never heard of such a thing? Is this common to every area of the country except California? Do tell...

I hope the burn is feeling even better today! Poor girl.


Ouch - how awful! Someone told me vinegar is good for burns.
Last month, my co worker finished up some ironing, put her iron on the floor while she put the ironing board away, forgot where she had the iron, tripped over it, and it landed on her foot. The burn was so bad she had to have skin grafts!


I think that i have some fabric, very close to that second piece, only in blues. I'll have to try and find it when I get home! Great thrifting buys, I love seeing what you come home with.


Seriously good scores with your thrifting garage sales - well done....I always end up with sticky stuff on the iron too.

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