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Wednesday, July 11, 2007



It looks gorgeous! I love the colors.


You've motivated me to push away from the computer and get up to my sewing room! :-)


Nice work, and even nicer to hear from you again. I've missed you! And that chocolate & bacon bar got me all agitated. Must. get. hands on one...


It's really pretty! I can see why Maddie has her eye on it.

Mama Urchin

Lovely. So how big did the top turn out to be?


Looks lovely. I'm missing my sewing machine right about now!



what a great idea,


It is just lovely, and perfect for your Maddie!


Gorgeous quilt!


that is wonderful! i've got to do that to get rid of my scraps.


Bloody nora, nice job! Thanks for the inspiration!


It's amazing something so beautiful could be that quick and easy!


Very pretty! I can't believe it came together so quickly.


Oh - what great inspiration . I have always wanted to make a quilt by "winging" it but have been too scared - you have done it and made it look so easy...... maybe I should give it a try.


Oooh, very cool. I love the colors. Very 50's.


Wow! That looks great!


Love your quilt top! I want to make a suggestion for this next stage: run, don't walk to your nearest quilt shop and purchase a can of 505 spray. In the time it takes you to find your pin cushion, you can have your quilt top, batting, and backing spray basted and ready to quilt. This stuff is great. Does not "spread" through the air, or have nasty fumes and most importantly, does not gunk up your needle, presser foot and machine. I work at a quilt shop and that is all I use and the same goes for everyone else who works there. We also have professional quilters and that is all they use anymore. It is a bout 13 bucks a can and worth its weight in gold. Good luck and enjoy your quilting!


I can't believe you threw a gorgeous quilt like that together so quickly. Amazing. I haven't touched my sewing machine in months. I really need to get back into sewing. Very inspirational.


what a cute little quilt top you have there. I really like what you have done.


Ooooh, Oh, Oh, Oh! I LOVE it! =)


Oh my goodness you have inspired me to no end. I can’t thank you enough for posting this! I recently bought a lot of blue and yellow fabric for a quilt I wanted to make… but I didn’t know –what- quilt I wanted to make, sense I’m still working on my first one, hah! I was thinking about a quilt of strips, but I just couldn’t wrap my head around it, I even took a picture of my hardwood floor (the design, how it has uneven panels of wood!)! So I put it away, not wanting to mess up a ton of fabric.....BUT while blog reading today I find this! AH! It’s perfect! I haven’t sewn in weeks, and this is going to encourage me to get working! Thank you! This is so great!

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