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Monday, August 27, 2007



Poor tree! At least the branch missed the house....

I LIKE scrapbooks, but have never felt the urge to get into that. I use the peel-and-stick photo album pages for my pictures, with the occasional souvenir ticket stub, brochure, map, or whatever for good measure, but spending all that time making gorgeous scrapbook pages . . . It just seems like so much work!

(You know, completely unlike, say, spinning a pound of yarn and then knitting into a sweater....)


You would love a countertop in your office! I did exactly that in mine. My office more of a rectangle shape, so when I moved in I decided I needed some real workspace for sewing, scrapbooking, blocking my knitting, whatever. I went to home depot and purchased an 8ft by 2 1.2? (whatever a standard piece of counter top is).. then we mounted it to the studs the whole length of the wall. I wanted one long piece that went end to end... I had it mounted at a comfortable height to work at. Also I had the guy drill a hole in the corner for my sewing machine pedal, so the cord wouldn't have to go across the table and under.. LOVE it! Then I need storage space for fabric and stuff.. so I also got the 16" deep (I think) closet maid wire sheving and had him put two pieces above the counter top, again the full length of the wall. So I could utilize ALL my space. The counter top is high enough too so you can store a storage tote under if needed. Sorry for the long comment but I can't say enough good stuff about that idea. It's been one my best ones. : )


Just thought of something, with an 8ft. counter top there is PLENTY of room for two people to work at. My mom comes to my house and we scrapbook, nice to have the space to work at with out having to clutter up the kitchen table or counter. Plus its not as deep as a banquet type table I know some people have, so I doens't stick way out in the middle of the floor in my office. Still lots of room to setup the ironing board. : )


I just booked a trip to DW in December with my adult daughter. Took the kids numerous times when they were little. It will be interesting and different to go back as two adults. I bet we're still kids at heart. I bet you are too. :)

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