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Thursday, September 06, 2007



I was going to say color combo #1, then I thought the colors looked too close to show any contrast. I like how #2 is knitting up. Very pretty!


My first thought was combo #2...and it looks wonderful! I am planning to knit a Chevron Scarf too.


Very nice! I love Koigu - and have never bought any. Don't know why - probably should....

Love the redesign.:-D


I've been having the same craving - there are so many gorgeous ones out there. I really like your combo #2. I have yet to find something in my own stash that I think will work yet, but the search is on :)


Thanks for the link to my chevron! I really like combo #2. What is the yarn you used? It's so pretty!


Combo #1 would be my choice. But your combo #2 is looking pretty fine too. My Chevron Scarf also did a little pooling that had me worried for awhile. But I kept going and it turned out fine.


Yeah, I was going to say combo 2--as nifty as combo 1 is, I didn't think they looked like they'd get along as well as they should!


Hi, thanks for blaming (partly) me for your craving... I can totally understand, those Chevron Scarves simply are beautiful, I mean in general, not especially mine, and autumn just around the corner... I am knitting an autumnal version right now, too!
As for the colour combinations I thought the first one would be one whole problem - too may too similar shades, not enough contrast. The second seems fine, gives a mellow blend of plenty of autumnal colours, very yummy.
Oh, I wish I had your Koigu bin...


My gut reaction was combo #1 but I really like the way #2 is knitting up so I'd stick with 2.


Ack! Nooo, Stop it! I am trying NOT to bump into this scarf everywhere I go! I don't have the book or the yarn, and this means I would have to buy both! Sheesh, you are the third person this week to succumb! They are dropping like flies. You are really not helping me resist the chevron call.

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