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Tuesday, October 02, 2007



Ohhhh yes. Harvest Moon from the Game Cube (except now we play it on the Wii)...that's my start-playing-and-stay-up-till-the-wee-hours-of-the-morning-drinking-coffee-just-to-get-a-little-father game ;) We love that we can get Donkey Kong and Yoshi's Quest on the Wii too...and sometimes we go WAY Old school and play Punch Out! ;) HA HA.

And, of course, Zelda is always a regular in this house :)


ilove pokemon. but we don't have a wii we have an xbox 360 so pinatas is an awesome game! we do have a game cube though and i love pikman among other games.


I love the Wii but have not yet succumbed to buying one. Your reviews might just sway me!


I'll admit to having a game platform or two (or three, or more ;)..

DS, PSP, PS2, Gamecube :) I LOVE the Katamari games for the PS2/P and was seriously considering buying an xbox360 when I heard a new one was coming out for that. I've taken to playing Age of Empires on the DS. Would love to hear reviews from another older female's perspective.


Are you kidding? I love the DS. I have a Wii, a DS, and an Xbox 360. I just finished Halo 3 over the weekend so that I can play Zelda now. You'll have to tell me how you like it after you play for a bit.


I play my DS most days. My favorite game lately has been My Sims. I'd like hear what you think of The legend of Zelda.


We play DS and Wii at my house thought I have to say that my girlies have control of them most often. I don't know how we lived before them though. We're crazy for the things.

We got Boogie over the weekend and I have spent far too much time singing bad karaoke. My poor neighbors.


Heh... Wii, PS3, DS Lite, (just sold the PS2), still have a PSX, so yup, I like the gaming a bit.

Super Paper Mario is very addictive, the new DDR for Wii is fun - as is MySims - but I spend a LOT of time playing various RPGs for the DS. Don't have Phantom Hourglass yet, guess I'll have to remedy that. :D


I love the Wii! We need some new games though.


wii all the way; we'vegot one, and love it!!


We're a Wii house as well...and Gamecube, PS2, GBA, plus at least one old school super nintendo around here somewhere.

Hubby's been messing with Zelda for weeks on Wii while I do homework/knit/watch tv or whatever.

Look forward to game reviews!


love the ds and wii!! yeah for adventure games.


I LOVE my game systems... I have a Wii, a DS, a Game Boy, a Cube, a N64, a PS2, a PS3, a PSP, and I even bought a XBox360 JUST because of the new Katamari game for it.

I have to pick up the new Zelda game soon, just finished the new Paper Mario game, an am playing mySims on both the Wii and the DS. Not to mention obsessively playing Animal Crossing on the DS.


I only have an oldskool playstation but I love Dragon Warrior VII - I've been playing that forever it seems. And the Spyro games, although I get stuck toward the higher levels.


Julie's not at all kidding - she is indeed addicted to video games, especially to her DS. And our six-year-old daughter has seriously caught the bug, too. (Her DS is Julie's old one.) Maddie's polite about sharing game cartridges now, but just give her a few years...


Yes! We've had every Zelda game going. I'm currently into a puzzle called Picross. Pokemon Pearl and Castlevania are next in line.
Zelda won't be released in the UK until 19th October, grrrr.


I do - I LOVE Zelda, but don't have it. I am a BIIIG fan of computer games. My husband and I are backwards that way. He hates them, and thinks they are a waste of time. My kids and I are begging for a WII for Christmas. Santa will probably be a party pooper.

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