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Thursday, December 13, 2007



We love to watch the birds out our window. We have a large sunflower seed feeder (no weeds under that, what with free range poultry running around!) and a suet feeder (woodpeckers, nuthatches), as well as a thistle feeder.

Yesterday I was in the yard and saw a bluebird perched no more than 20 feet away from me. I didn't even know they stayed around in the winter.

The best is that occasionally, we have a heron that hangs out in our little pond way out back. :-)


Julie, I saw your comment last July about finding a non-sectarian homeschooling group. Did you know about the InHome Conference coming up March 7 and 8? www.homeeducatorsconference.org/ or Illinois HOUSE at www.illinoishouse.org I homeschooled my boy from age 5 to 12 here in Evanston. My son's in school now, but I still volunteer to work at the InHome conference. It's always been inspirational to me.

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