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Monday, December 03, 2007



Mmm, I like it! I painted my living room and hallway in "Cup of Cocoa".. a nice warm color. Every color you put on or near the wall goes with it. I love that you can go with either dark stained frames or black. Good idea on the Ikea mag. holders!


The new colors are lovely! Better than that gold. *shudder* Makes me wonder what people will think of the "now" colors in 40 years.

Your tree is beautiful too :)


Love all the paint colors you chose. Lovely lovely home!


Every space looks so nice!
Doesn't it feel good to have freshly painted walls? I love all the colors you chose.


Great work. The sage green is my favorite!


Everything looks fantastic!


It looks fantastic! We're just now starting some remodeling work...


Wow! It all looks fabulous. And I love your tree :)


I really like that color! Actually, I've been contemplating painting our family room that color over Christmas. My DD is coming home for Christmas and says she will help. How nice to have painters do it for you! All the colors look fabulous. Isn't it amazing what a a little paint will do?


Wow, that looks lovely! Are you coming to do my house next? :)

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