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Friday, January 18, 2008


Zoe Francois

Hi Julie,

My name is Zoe and I am Jeff's co-author. Thank you so much for trying the bread and sharing it with your readers.

While you are working your way through the book be sure to visit our errata sheet, which lists all of the mistakes we didn't catch while editing. Sad but true!

www.artisanbreadinfive.com or

Thanks again and enjoy all the bread!!!

Zoe Francois


Sounds like a fabulous book ... but can I ask you a question? Are there any gluten-free recipes offered in the book?
Thanks so much!


That books sounds fantastic! I agree, when I make bread, it is the getting out and measuring the ingredients that is the hard part. That method sounds like a great plan. I am going to look for the book and give it a try!


Thanks so much for your comment and link on CMB - this sounds perfect! I'm going to check it out right away! :)


Ooh, this reminds me. I used a cinnamon roll recipe this weekend that didn't require kneading the dough. You just let it rise in the bowl. Would you like me to pass it along?

amy k.

okay-i was just going to write you about this book-i have been so curious--thanks for the review!


I just got the book from Amazon today and I've been going crazy waiting for it. I originally read about the book in the Chicago Tribune and baked my first loaves last weekend from their recipe. Fabulous. I made a second batch 2 days ago. Now the book is waiting for me to get into it tomorrow!


I'm here from the Angry Chicken -- and I worked all weekend with the King Arthur bread book, and Peter Reinhardt's bread book, trying to find a simple recipe -- the one you described. I gave up! Thanks for the review!


Yeah! I've been looking for exactly this kind of thing. Thanks for the review and the link!


This book sounds great. Thanks for the review.

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