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Thursday, January 24, 2008



Oh dear.. lost addiction.. in that cast DO NOT go to find815.com whatever you do DON"T DO IT! ahh I made that mistake yesterday..sigh. I have knitting to do for crying out loud!! Must resist!


I'm not a Lost follower, but had to totally control myself when I saw season one up on the ABC site, especially with the new episodes of my faves being released so sporadically. I'm digging My So Called Life, though!

I'm about halfway done with the Strawberry Garden as well. I also started with the border. I'll get back on it one of these days -- it's such a pretty pattern.

Your mystery sampler is fantastic!


That sampler turned out beautifully! It looks like Strawberry Garden will be equally nice. I'm a start from the border girl myself -- it ensures that you find out right away if you're going to have fabric amount issues.


That Mystery Sampler is gorgeous! Just today I was going through two shopping bags of cross stitch books, floss, etc. from my days of serious stitching. Thanks for the inspiration!


That sampler is so pretty I gasped when I saw it. Working cross-stitch from the outside in...what a novel idea!


I am still loving that mystery sampler, it's so colorful and busy.


I love how the sampler turned out! It looks great. And I am really curious on how the border in will work for you.

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