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Tuesday, May 27, 2008



I bought Wii Fit over the weekend and love it. LOVE IT! I used it twice and could definitely feel how the balance exercises had worked my core. Woo hoo!


Wii Fit is great! I am a former personal trainer and I can't say enough good things about this "game". Yay Nintendo for getting us off our butts!


We just got Mario Kart this weekend. We do like it! But we haven't all played together yet.
We got Wii Fit Wednesday and we LOVE it! I play and my 8 year old plays. My husband has commented he'd like to play, but he hasn't actually done it yet.
I think it was worth the money - although there are a few things I dislike about it - they are minor and overall I think it's about as good as that sort of system can be!


Love love LOVE my Wii Fit (and Mario Kart, for that matter) -- I've been getting up a little early every morning to do the yoga exercises. I could do them on my own but never seem to have the motivation that early, plus the Wii Fit shows you your actual balance, and gives you ides on how to combine it with different strength training exercises to increase the workout. GREAT stuff!


Nintendo is truly revolutionzing the videogame industry with the Wii - its design gets the whole family involved, tech-shy senior citizens are drawn to its simplicity, and its low price relative to its competitors makes it affordable for a much larger group of consumers. I fully expect Sony and Microsoft to put out Wii knockoffs within the next year.

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