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Wednesday, June 25, 2008



That scarf is really cute! Which pattern are you using or is it your own? My mother would *love* that scarf cause she loves orange!


i like shockingly orange. your Morning Surf scarf reminds me of sherbet!


Wow. I love both the scarf pattern and color. Very nice!


Wow! LOVE the scarf. What's it look like on the reverse? I bet it's equally as interesting.


Looks great! Very cheerful--a good way to "start" the morning-scarf day!


Wonderful coloured yarn and such great texture. Are you planning on blocking it or leaving it as-is?


I like the effect and texture of the scarf.

Jennifer Paganellli

wow nice orange bumpy's!!!!!! Thanks for coming by my blog love meeting you..!! Jennifer


I love your homespun, and your scarf rocks. I love Amy's fibers, what did you order?


I love it! I am only partway through spinning the yarn up for my version--the pictures in that spin-off were so inspiring!

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