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Wednesday, July 23, 2008



That IS the best lunch ever! I eat a ton of caprese salad in the summer, I just love the freshness :)


Mmmm ... Although, I'd skip the pesto and add fresh basil leaves and maybe a hint of olive oil.


looks absolutely delicious!

makes me wish we did more than bologna & cheese today!


I totally agree with you on the best summer meal! I am watching over my tomatoes (and my wimpy basil plants) and am ready to knock out a few loaves of my now-favorite sourdough. I just need to get the mozzarella, which is available from local farms. I like a splash of olive oil on there, with coarse salt, pepper, and a few minutes under the broiler.

Now I'm hungry.


this is absolutely delicious looking. thanks for sharing and i can't WAIT to try the recipe. ;)

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