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Tuesday, July 29, 2008



To clarify, we had an arborist out last year who said the tree had some sort of disease that wasn't entirely curable. (That is, they could treat it - for a hefty fee - but there was only a fair chance the tree could be saved.) It lost three big branches last year, none of which (miraculously) did any damage to the house, garage, cars, etc. But the remaining portion of the tree was entirely on the house side, so the tree was severely imbalanced and the next collapse would have sent a branch into our bedroom or living room. So we didn't have much choice. It was a good tree, but time for it to go.

We'll be planting a new tree in its place, this fall.


sometimes... they just gotta go.
w have 2 cedars in my front yard that are making me crazy! needley things are all over the place all the time --- but in reality, they are just too close to the house. i bet they were planted as little saplings when the house was built 65 years ago... can't wait to be able to afford to whack em up!

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