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Wednesday, September 03, 2008



I am so excited for this election! And I'm interested in what folks think...I think the biggest fear people have about talking politics is being confronted about what they believe and rather than just having an open conversation, it feels as though one has to "win" by changing an opposite opinion. I would love to know why people support the way they do.

And I totally agree with you...having an open, honest conversation is the only way to go forward.


Politics is tricky. I get so discouraged and depressed about the whole thing, the candidates, the press, the ambivalence of the general public (until something affects them directly, that is). I try, but it's hard not to get cynical. I find it very difficult to talk about politics with my family and even my closest friends. Maybe it matters too much, we all get defensive and/or preachy. But know that there are lots of us out here, you're not alone. :0) Counting the days (impatiently) until November...!


Yeah - it's always tricky - but I'm so excited that the current situation is nothing if not interesting. Everyone's talking about the race now. I love a good healthy discussion (as long as it doesn't deteriorate to "the other side is an idiot"). I had a blast watching the DNC and now I'm watching the RNC.


I've usually been surrounded by people who tell me "the person you like is a moron" and then cease conversation - so I avoid politics. It's even hard to talk to DH because he's not home very much. LOL

Online is a different story! I am loving all the articles out there and the twitter action too.


Folks on both sides have a disturbing tendency to melt down all over the place when faced with an opposing viewpoint. It's almost like it is too personal to talk about rationally so no one wants to talk about it at all.

And (maybe I am overgeneralizing here) but it seems that people have come to believe that the opposing party is Evil Incarnate. You don't want to know your friends have sold their souls - you can't be friends anymore!


My sister and I are the only liberals in my large family so I do most of my discussing with her. It just isn't worth trying to talk with the others. Even my kids are far to the right. Thank goodness politics is one of the few things my husband and I usually agree upon.

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