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Tuesday, September 23, 2008



Go on with your bad self!


*Every* girl needs a chop saw!

I can't wait to see what you've done with that room. I'm trying to convince John to ditch the carpet in our office and replace it with laminate flooring, too. Some rooms are really just meant for that stuff!


Oh gosh, that looks fabulous! That "Gas Grill Assembly Debacle" cracked me up, it definitely deserves capitalization. :0) Too funny. Are you guys for hire? I've got some really really sad carpeting...


She's not at all kidding about the Gas Grill Assembly Debacle. For a while there I wasn't sure our relationship would survive the fallout from it. But the floor project went pretty well - we even laughed at our misfortunes a few times. Guess this means we've grown a lot in the past ten years.


Wow! I'm impressed, Julie! (But not surprised...)


Ah, the gas grill. I actually wrote a column about us putting ours together. I named the grill "The Divorce Maker 2000" in honor of the marital stress it generated.

Glad to hear you survived. Nice saw, too!

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