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Wednesday, September 17, 2008



Thanks for posting this. I've been wondering and needing to research alternatives after Nalgene was pulled off store shelves.


I had a hard plastic bottle, but stopped using it because who knows if it's leaching or not. UGH. Love your canteens! Thanks for the info!


Love them! I want some so badly. And yet, we bought them yet. We use plastic containers that we've had for years when we are out and about. I keep thinking it's so bad for us, but then I look around and well, almost everything seems bad for us these days.
How did we get so many chemicals into so many products that we use - with important people knowing they might not be all that safe for us - and we still use them?! It frustrates me.

Anyway, I don't mean to rant here! Sorry ... but I do love your bottles =)


Do you like your Kleen Kanteen? I'm torn over mine. Seems I can't drink from it without dribbling! GAH!


I want one, but how does the circumference compare to a can of pop or 20-oz water bottle? I need something that will fit things I use frequently and most water bottles are just too wide. I don't mind height, but it's the width that I can't figure out.


What size did you buy? I'd like something that I can fit into a water bottle clip that attaches to a bike frame... I suppose I *could* pull out a tape measure, but if you had a recommendation...

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