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Monday, October 20, 2008



How cool is that! Only $5! I've been tempted to try looming...


Wow, what a sad estate sale, but what a lucky find for you! Sigh. Sadly, I'm still loomless...


What a great deal! I bought my Bonhop - similar to yours but with plastic reed and heddles - off eBay several years ago, and it was probably more than $5 though not nearly as much as what they go for nowadays. It's a darned cute loom, and I've recently started using it.

I love the small older looms too - I got my start in Loomettes ($3!!) and then Weave-Its and more, but they are hard to come by, and you can't get deals on eBay anymore.

Your website idea sounds like fun, and you can't have too much information on these looms!


Here's a good website:


I just found a Wonder Weave at a thrift store for $6 and I love it.


I am offering my Bon Hop for sale. You can see pictures here:



What does a bon hop loom sell for? I have been looking all over and there just aren't that many around or much info about them.

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