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Thursday, October 09, 2008



Right! I used to plow through a poorly written or little liked book to the bitter end, but now I have decided to treat my reading time as a precious commodity.


I'll usually finish a book, but yeah, I've left some undone! Sometimes it's either abandon it, or throw it against the wall, and I'm against Book-Related-Violence, on principle....

Tina Kubala

Asimov is tied for being my favorite writer. I love Foundation, but my favorite are the Robot novels.


I used to plow thru books even if I didn't like them - then it occurred to me that I will never be able to read all the books I want to so why should I waste time with ones I don't like. I mostly buy books mainly because I don't drive so it's not always easy for me to get to the library & I end up spending a lot on late fines. But I too am not good on remembering titles so it really irritates me when they reissue a book that I read years ago with a new cover & I buy it only to think after a few pages, "Gee, this sounds familiar." I've learned to check copyright dates.

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