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Thursday, January 22, 2009


Lemon Tree Tami

Fingers crossed that this will indeed solve the problem. Wishing you lots of luck!!!! :-)


Lemon Tree Tami said it all!


Lots of luck and remember, you can ask for a light sedative or something to calm you down. They may or may not refuse to give that to you, but I would totally ask about that.
I've got my fingers crossed that it ends up an easy thing to fix.


Good luck!!!


Maybe you will be cured just going through the process. Good luck!


Oh, Julie. Thinking every good thought possible for you, I'll do all the hoping for you, okay? Sending you well wishes for a smooth, quick scan and the results you need to get pain-free!


I'm sending lots of good-luck vibes and wishes your way. There is nothing worse than chronic pain. I hope you've found a solution!!


Best wishes. I've lived with chronic pain, what you have said really resonates.


I have my fingers crossed for you. As someone with RA & FMS, I have been in pain to one degree or another for most of the past 35 years. I have learned over the past few years to never schedule anything before about 1 pm even though I have a good bit of relief from meds & exercise.


Best wishes--I hope he's able to provide you some relief.


I do send vibes filled with hope. Chronic pain is a hard path.


Oh, I wish you great luck. My two oldest children have Crohn's Disease and suffer with chronic pain so I know some relief would be fantastic!


Hopefully this time will be the right time!


Wow, if this is the cause, and it can be resolved, that would be awesome! Keeping my fingers crossed for you.


Just Curious - what was the verdict?

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