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Wednesday, January 07, 2009



Scrambled eggs, or quiche or some kind of stir fry work well with little bits of this and that. I also like to use the REALLY cheap mashed potato flakes to thicken soups.

Kathy in San Jose

Frittatas (a lot of these), fried rice, stromboli (bread dough rolled up with whatever leftovers you have - cinnamon roll-style - and baked). It keeps the leftovers manageable and us from being bored! Also keep a supply of frozen veggies. For the stock, we often freeze it in an ice-cube tray so there's small portions to flavor various dishes, deglazing pans, etc.

I like the quesadilla idea! My DH just recommended mastering several different basic dishes that can be varied with just the addition of a few extras: a basic pastry dough, basic bread, etc.

Jennifer Jackson

I'm a big fan of homemade soup. I froze the turkey from Thanksgiving and just turned it into soup yesterday in fact. But I'm also a huge coupon Queen. My favorite site/subscription is RefundCents. I save HUNDREDS of dollars each month... plus my pantry is stocked to the gills. It's fun. But it does take away from my knitting time.


Well, I do the burrito and soup thing; the other is omelettes with whatever's in the frig - and oven roasted fries. The best!


My favorites for using up leftovers are pot pies and quiches. Can pretty much throw whatever in these. Also baked pastas.


leftovers! HA HA HA... not in this house. half the time, i have to find more food! 3 growing boys and a very healthy young lady... there can never be enough food around this place :D

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