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Monday, January 26, 2009



Yeah! I liked The Thief Lord quite a bit, as well. The inkheart series is really lovely, too. I'm kind of a YA fiction junkie. I've read almost everything in that section of the library, good and bad.


The first Cornelia Funke book I read was "Der Drachenreiter" (the dragonrider? I don't know the title of the translation, sorry) which is very very good. I read that while pregnant with my son (he's 8 now) and after Sara was born (Sept. 2007) I read it to both kids and Sam loved it. He actually wants me to read it again.
My best friend, who reads to Sam over the phone, read the Thief Lord last year with mixed results. I think at 7 Sam was really still a bit too young to really understand what the book is about but the bits he did "get" he liked.

Annette Danek

Inkheart series is great as well. Another different YA series is by Libba Bray. The first book is A Great and Terrible Beauty. Check it out.

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