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Thursday, February 26, 2009



happy bday girl! sounds like you've been doing a good job celebratin'!

i love my bday but i prefer not to share it with strange internet weirdos so i don't usually talk about it online!! :) i didn't realize i was older than you, kiddo! :)


Ooh happy bday! Sounds like you had fun, with more to come!

I hate my bday, it is close to xmas and it usually gets swept under the rug and forgotten!


Happy birthday! Sounds like you had a great one. :D

I like my birthday and don't let it get me down, but after 18 it stopped being remembered by everyone except hubby. Hubby remembers and does nice things for me, gets gifts, makes me my favorite meals, etc. Which is really nice!


Happy birthday! I have pretty well always loved my birthday. I see getting older as a generally good thing - I know more, see more, understand more, with every passing year.


Happy Birthday, Julie! I'm glad you spent it well.


Happy Birthday!

I *want* to like my birthday, I really do . . . but I find myself starting to get inexplicably cranky and weepy about two weeks before it, like a really bad case of PMS. Like the kind where one could easily cross over into full-blown tantrum mode. Then the day hits, and it's usually somewhere between "meh" and "everyone stay the hell away from me", and then the bad mood is gone.

I think this may have started when, on the day before my 21st birthday, my car caught on fire while I was driving it. But I'm not sure.


Happy Birthday, Julie! It sounds like you had a wonderful day.


Happy birthday, you young thang, you!

I've been ignoring my birthday more and more each year. It's at a bad time of year, when people are partied out, so I think it is best ignored. :-)


Happy Birthday! I will be 37 later this year and I love celebrating my birthday :)


Happy Birthday!!! Sounds like you had a perfect day.

I am grateful for every birthday, and have especially enjoyed the landmark birthdays :) This year's is not a landmark; however, I will be spending it with my son who is doing his Junior year abroad. I haven't seen him since September - so I will be happy to be one year older and celebrating it with my son :)


Happy Belated Birthday! Your new present looks cool. I look forward to hearing how you like it.

I have no issues with turning older and celebrating it, but my birthday is Sept. 11, which has made the day just very different for me since 2001. I've never liked a lot of fuss on my birthday, and given the occasion being marked now, we keep things low-key.


Happy birthday!

I am about to turn 41 and it doesn't do much for me either way. I kind of like feeling like it's a special day, even if the world is unaware, and getting older so far hasn't been anything but good.

I have a friend my age who has been practically breaking out the black arm band and covering her mirrors since she turned 25 (Augh! A quarter century! Make it stop!). Waste of anxiety, IMO. :-)


Happy belated birthday! This year I'll be 36. I have mixed reactions to birthdays. I used to love them, and celebrating with my family. They aren't so special anymore.

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