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Monday, March 16, 2009



Hooray for the new bathroom!


Your new bathroom looks fabulous!

The marble is so pretty. I can't believe it took 7 days for the tub to dry, but it's great that it could be painted. (I love home improvement shows, but never seen anyone paint a tub before.)


Very pretty!! congrats and enjoy!


Woohoo! It looks fabulous. Great job on the renovations. Enjoy your new millennium bathroom.


Nice materials and color choices - it all goes so well together. Good work!


Wow that is an awesome transformation! I love looking at before and after pics =D


Hoo-boy, I have two bathrooms that I'd like to redo. But for some reason, I've got a fear of shopping and choosing. I'd also like to have the larger bathroom remodeled into TWO -- one for one of the bedrooms. Eek. All it takes is money, and lots of it!

Very nice job on yours, Julie!

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