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Sunday, March 01, 2009



I got mine on Friday and feel the same way! It was my birthday present, too - from me to me. Can't wait to download more books on it - I already got UR by Stephen King, Rembrandt's Ghost by Paul Christopher, and A Deadly Yarn by Maggie Sefton. The best part will be taking it along when we go on vacation and not having suitcases that weigh a ton!!!


They're so pretty! I only wish there was a way to use it with my library's e-book collection. If so, I would be all over the Kindle.


So jealous... enjoy your new toy!


Oh, you must be *so* happy! Can't wait to hear more about it, how exciting!


I love mine. It was the details when opening it ("Once upon a time" on the pull tabs, the reader sitting on the barcode) that really caught my eye.

I've been enjoying the couple books I've bought, as well as the huge number of books I've transferred over from Project Gutenburg and other free sites.

I'm so glad we didn't cancel my order (which we'd done every time I ordered it before 'cause darn it's pricey!).


I got one too on Wednesday. I'm LOVING it! Funny thing is, I had to finish my library book before I decided to order a book. I read the NY Times today. Took some getting used to.


My aunt has one and she was swearing by it. Enjoy! Can you down load knitting books!?!?


ohh, I want one so bad. So bad. I hope you love it. Tell us all about it!


Incredibly jealous. I'd so like one myself. Looks like I will have to find a way to invite myself over so that I can get an in-person demo! :-)

Good call by your mom and Pete!

Shelley (Pink House)

I've been seriously considering getting one of these but my big question is - how is the VOICE for the added audio in Kindle 2?? That was the reason I didn't buy the first version - I think the book should have th eoption to read to you. But is it a computer voice?? thanks

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