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Friday, March 13, 2009



oh, i love this! my 7 yr old homeschooled boy has has a shop in his room for a couple months but since we don't get tons of visitors, well, his sales are slumped. I may recommend etsy! good for her!


very good idea - even if you're not homeschooling - something that could teach a kid so much about handling money, business, etc.

where do you get your potholder loops from? there's a nifty weaving project I'd like to try if I could get my hands on a bunch of them...


Ooh - lucky me - I just bought Maddie's red and green potholder. Of course, I HAD to buy it as my siblings and I made potholders and went around the neighborhood selling them (and taking custom orders to match your kitchen). This really brought back great memories. Good luck Maddie!


I used to make those as a kid. Is Maddie taking orders? I'd be interested in a set of blue and yellow ones or blue and white.

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