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Monday, March 02, 2009



I wrote a big ranting entry on my blog a little while back about twilight, but basically I enjoyed the first book and was not so pleased with #2 and #3. I would like to hear how you like the others.

Laura from Italy

I read Twilight before there was all the publicity about it. I have to confess I am partial to books about werevolves and vampires, but the story entranced me and I read all the four books in less than a month. I think the best one is Eclipse, but I am biased because my fav character is not Edward but Jacob Black. I found a great difference in style between the first book and the following ones, too. The style was more grown up in later books. Let us know how you like them and which character you prefer. How do you like the Kindle? I live in Italy and am not sure yet I can have it or download for it here...


Contgrats on your Kindle! My husband asked if I wanted to get one, but I think I'm going to defer a bit. I'm all about audiobooks these days -- you know, the multitasking thing!

I got sucked into the whole twilight saga, too. Listened to all four books via audiobook over the past three months. The only downside is that if I read the books I could have probably knocked them off in a couple three hours, but each audiobook is like 12 hours long! Some of the books drug a bit, but since I already committed I soldiered on. Have fun!

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