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Thursday, March 05, 2009



I have read all four, and that was my very reaction. I am a sucker for all things vampire. But overall, not very good writing, but interesting and fast paced enough to keep me interested.


i felt the same.

badly written...but who cares? it's fun. and definitely a nice break from real life to get yourself all engrossed in Super!Dramatic!Teenage!Emotion! for a few hours.


that is exactly how i felt about them. read all of them about 2 months ago over the space of 5 days. happy to read them, happy to be done!


Ah, Twilight. I am probably the last person in the city of Woodbury who has not read it yet. I've tried to read it twice, and just haven't gotten into it - but, given the immense popularity, I am going to give it another shot and see if I can get through it! You've inspired me.


I haven't finished the series yet, but I'm reading them. They're fluff, but entertaining fluff. Have you read Sunshine yet? Robin McKinley's take on the genre.


Keep reading Julie...it only gets better after book 2!!!

Diane in Northern CA

While I have not yet read the series, I did see the movie with my Twilight-obsessed middle-school daughter. She read all four books during the month of November (there were a couple of holidays in that month that helped reduce the amount of homework). I plan to read them at some point an am glad to hear that other adults enjoyed them.


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