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Sunday, July 12, 2009



That's so true! I know I've enjoyed watching ours grow and we've eaten plenty from it. Would be nice to have enough to put away, but I'm happy with it just as it is too.


Last night we tried a few peas and the first carrot we've harvested, which were very good. Even though the carrot was very skinny, it still had more flavor than any store-bought variety I've ever had. And I had some of our blueberries on my cereal this morning, which were delicious. We probably won't ever harvest enough of anything to make our garden a primary source of our food, but what we do grow should be a nice complement to our regular meals.


I used to just throw a bunch of seeds in the ground & ate what came up (except for tomatoes which I started indoors in late March.) Lettuce is a cool weather crop & not easy to grow successfully in the Chicago area. You have to plant very early (late March is good if you can work the ground) - once it gets above 80, it gets bitter tasting. Same is true for peas (they don't get bitter they just stop growing) & broccoli - which has 2 seasons - spring & late summer/fall. I was only able to get enough peas for more than one meal one year & that was ironically the spring of '79 - after the record snowfall, we had a beautiful real spring where it started warming up very gradually in late March - unlike the usual Chicago pattern of freezing cold followed by a sudden jump to 90. Lettuce is not quite a sensitive as peas but you could probably get some very nice lettuce if you plant it in Sept. If I remember correctly, it doesn't take long to germinate & grow to eating size.

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