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Tuesday, August 25, 2009



Julie's noodles had so much flavor that I would have gladly eaten them plain - but her sauce was great too, of course. In comparison, store-bought noodles are mostly just flavorless bulk.


homemade pasta always reminds me of a very good friend's mother. my friend was the first in her family born in the US (her grandfather owned a pensione in Rome so she could visit Italy for very little money which always made me very jealous.) Her mother made huge batches of home made ravioli which took her 3 days. One day for the fillings (meat & cheese), a 2nd day for the sauce (made with neckbones & lots of other stuff - simmered for many, many hours) & the last day was devoted to making the pasta. I have never eaten pasta like hers - so light & delicate - very thin but didn't develop holes. I will have to call my friend - last time I talked to her, she promised me some of her mom's ravioli. She is almost 96 & still making it. she gives it to my friend who freezes it & eats it a bit at a time. In fact, until about 5 years ago, she was still traveling from 115th & Michigan on the south side to my friend's house near Western & Lawrence on the CTA! Makes me miss my mom (& homemade ravioli!)

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