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Thursday, August 20, 2009



I really don't cook much anymore. I stopped when my girls were in college/HS. No matter what I cooked, one wouldn't eat it if it had meat, the other would complain if it wasn't beef & my partner would put whatever it was on bread with cheddar cheese. Now I rarely cook other than old family recipes when I get a taste for them. Other than that, my partner cooks (he is terrible), we eat frozen things or eat out. But I do love to look at the Pioneer Woman blog - can't even remember how I discovered her but her photography sucked me in (that is my other main hobby besides yarn stuff.)


Thanks for the list! I read more than cook, but I love love love food.

I like Homesick Texan too. Her photos are amazing and I love some texmex.


Thanks for the links!

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