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Wednesday, August 19, 2009



Definitely on my "to-make" list. Yummm. I want some on pizza.


Love pesto. Edwardo's Pizza has a stuffed pesto pizza that I have to have every so often. I also love very thin crust Margherita pizza which has pesto & (if you're lucky) fresh tomato slices under the cheese. Edwardo's used to have a tall growing cart just inside the entrance to each restaurant where they grew their own basil for pesto. I don't know when they stopped that (or moved the cart) but it hasn't been there the last several times we've gone.


Sounds yummy and since I just planted three more basil plants, I'll be sure to try this version. Thanks!


I am so making this - thanks! By the way, got thepickling book and will be trying some recipes this weekend!

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