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Tuesday, September 01, 2009



Hey Julie,

I don't make it there very often either with the twins being so little.

However, here's a blip from a press release I received a few days ago. Your post made me think of it.

Busy moms Deana Gunn and Wona Miniati, two gals who love to cook and have young children, have figured out ingenious ways to prepare inexpensive, super quick and healthy food for kids.

Gunn and Miniati are authors of the new independent cookbook, Cooking with All Things Trader Joe's (Brown Bag Publishers, www.cookingwithtraderjoes.com), which features recipes for busy moms that can be assembled in minutes from pre-prepped ingredients (chopped veggies, salads, and sauces, e.g.) and require a single shopping stop--to your neighborhood Trader Joe's.

Could be worth a read ...


We *love* Trader Joe's! Some of our favorites: the four cheese Italian blend (for homemade pizza or lasagne); their guacamole; baked potato crisps; Peaberry coffee; garlic fries; and the chimichirri rice (frozen food section). We've had a number of good wines there, too, of your store has a beer/wine section.


We love TJ's too! One of our favorite items which appears to have been discontinued is the Pecan Sticky Buns in the freezer section. If you find it at your TJ's, grab a couple of boxes.

Other items we buy on a regular basis: organic/kosher chicken, frozen fish, risotto, hummus, tea, Dr. Bronner's peppermint soap.

I like their produce, but don't care for the extraneous plastic packaging. The produce is probably better protected, but there's just too much plastic IMHO. We try and buy the majority of our produce at the Farmers' Market.


Hi Julie,
One of my favorites is the Fresh Bruschetta Sauce in the refrigerated section. It's really fresh-tasting - great with goat cheese on crackers, one of our recipes simply tosses it with pasta and mozzarella balls (would be great with your own fresh pasta with your pasta maker!), and we even use it in a recipe for stuffed portobellos.
I also love the Soyaki - it helps make an easy peanut sauce in our Peanutty Sesame Noodles recipe.
The frozen Puff Pastry is great - it's in season during the holidays.
Also, have you ever tried the frozen mini-croissants? Williams Sonoma has mini-croissants that are 24 for $40. TJ's are $3.99 for 8! And they're supplied by the same exact chef for both stores.
This week I also love the Mixed Olive Bruschetta, Apricot Stilton cheese, Truffle Brownie Mix (we do a bread pudding using it) and frozen Panna Cotta. I could go on and on! Enjoy your next trip there!


Have you seen this website: http://blog.cookingwithtraderjoes.com/ ?

For snacks, I love their flaxseed tortilla chips - although I find the QC can be iffy sometimes. I love their meir poix (I probably spelled that three kinds of wrong) because it is so easy to whip things up in the crockpot with it. I also love their yellow curry sauce, pizza sauce, party-sized turkey meatballs (Willow loves these with the mandarin orange sauce from the other grocery store)... and so many things!

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