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Sunday, January 24, 2010



Looks great!

The bar....is going very slowly. I need to chip off tile, and haven't had enough time free of my 3 year old to get much done on it. Hopefully next weekend!


Julie, I'm 1/2 participating. I'm not sure I can commit to all 12 months of the year and I may not have a set list of rooms or areas. All that said, I've been inspired to work on the kitchen and finish it up. I finished painting the walls and now I just need to do trim and make/buy some curtains. We currently have blinds and our house is so dusty that blinds will not work. I need something that I can take down and shake off. So I've decided that a plan old curtains or roman blinds will work. Just need to get them.
I've also been reorganizing all the cabinets and I'm almost done with that task...spices will be last as I'll need help from hubby so I don't ruin where he has stuff stored.

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I am planning to make my room into a small library because it has space and is big as well.

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This really brings back old memories of my old room back at home. My dad and I used to paint it when we do room makeovers.

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