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Monday, January 11, 2010



Our daughter, the little fashion model! Those pics totally refute the idea that wearing glasses and braces makes you look like a dork.

Ditto on The Bachelor. I didn't think the show would have this long of a run, but the producers seem to be able to ramp up the insanity a little higher every season and keep things interesting.


Heck yeah, I'll admit to watching it! My neighbors all watch it together each week. I also watched 'Rock of Love" with Brett Michaels, and I've got to say, this season of The Bachelor is shaping up to be a lot like that show! You could have all kinds of drinking games: drink when they show Jake with his shirt off, drink when a contestant references being a "co-pilot", etc.

Cute wrap, by the way.


You mean garter stitch, right? Your model is cute, but I'd like to see this kind of thing on a normal-sized grown person before knitting it, personally. I have issues with triangle shawls not being wide enough to actually wrap over my large shoulders.

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