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Tuesday, January 05, 2010



I love the Wii for working out. Wii Active is very, very good, and I just got the More Active. Am ordering Wii Fit Plus for myself, since I didn't get it for Christmas.

Happy New Year, Julie!


I have to admit tht I am an elipptical trainer junkie. But my health club got rid of the old Life Fitness ones (we tried to buy one from them & they wouldn't sell it) & the newer ones are just not as fluid. On the old ones, when I was feeling OK, I could just zone out & go for an hour - made me feel so good. I have the old Wii Fit (bought for my daughter last yer & then she moved to Ca & my partner had one sent to her)but no Wii - maybe I'll get it.


I have two videos that I have been using for awhile on days when I cannot get to the trail for a run - 30 day shred and Kathy Smith's Tummy Trimmers. The shred is a 20 minute circut workout which I can do before going to work. I also have an eliptical but I am going more for the impact exercise since I am at risk for osteoperosis. The Wii does look fun!

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